Gulp for Beginners

Installing Gulp on Windows Machine


Gulp is an open-source JavaScript tool which automates the time-consuming and repetitive tasks that involve in web development such as minification, concatenation, unit testing, linting and so on.

There are plenty of tasks that gulp can carry out to minimize the work of the developer, head over to the official website of Gulp JS to check out the list of available plugins and their usage.

In this post we’d get to know about installing gulp-cli, creating and running first gulp task.

Installing gulp-cli

Gulp is built on Node.js and npm so before try to install gulp make sure that latest version of Node.js is installed on your machine, if not head over to the official website of node.js and install the appropriate version of node.js.

Reading recommendation Installing Node.js on Windows PC

Open up the command prompt (windows machine) and type the following command to install gulp-cli

npm install gulp-cli -g

Note: -g flag let npm to install gulp-cli globally which allows us to access and use gulp from anywhere computer.

Once your download completed you can check the version of gulp-cli to make sure that you have installed gulp-cli on your machine using the following command

gulp -v

Happy coding 🙂

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