Installing Node.js on Windows PC

Node.js is an open source JS runtime environment for executing JavaScript on the server side, used for creating server-side and networking web applications. To use Node.js we need some basic command-line instructions, this is not a program that can be pinned and launched from taskbar or app list.

Installing Node.js

  • Head over to the official website of Node.js
  • Download the executable file on your machine and double-click to install .msi file to install on your machine
  • Once you have completed your installation, restart your machine.

Updating Node.js

To install a new version of Node.js just head back to the official site of Node.js and download the new version of Node.js and install on your machine which will replace the older version.

Checking out Node.js installation

  • To make sure that Node is properly installed on your machine just open the command prompt and type the following command which will show the version number of Node like v6.9.*

    node -v

  • To make sure that NPM (Node.js Package Manager) is properly installed on your machine type the following command on command prompt which will show version number of npm like 3.10.*

    npm -v

  • To make sure that Node works properly,
    • create and save ‘hello.js’ file on a desired place on your computer with the following simple JavaScript code

      console.log("Node.js works"); // This will just echo the text on the console

    • Now navigate to the location where the hello.js file is located on your system using the command prompt (windows machine) and type the following command

      node hello.js

    • The above code will execute the JavaScript code exist on the file and results on the command prompt.


Uninstalling Node.js

  • Go to control panel -> Programs and Features
  • Double click the node.js  program to completely uninstall node.js on your computer

There are 470,000 free code packages are available in the npm registry to discover and use, head over to the npm site and to explore them.

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