Firefox Focus

By 2016 November Firefox had launched a private browser for iOS, which is designed with the focus on the increase of private browsing. After a half-year later Firefox released Firefox focus for Android users for free. Firefox focus download link.

Firefox focus

For the release of Android Firefox added few features :

  • Notification reminder – A push notification will appear on action center while Firefox focus running on background, all the browsing history of the browser will be erased by just tapping the notification
  • Ad tracker counter – Let us know the number of blocked ads during an active session on the browser.
  • Pausing Tracker blocker – By default Firefox focus blocks Ad trackers to maximize browsing speed significantly, but we can turn off for a while if we face difficulties in loading web pages.

Firefox focus is installed on 1 Million plus devices and rated 4.5 out of 5 at Google Play Store until the time of writing this article. In favor of simplicity, Firefox didn’t include few common browser features like multiple tabs, a bookmark with this brand new browser. Firefox focus is designed for visiting sites without worrying about the session is being tracked in some way.

Download from Android Play Store